American Icons Confront the Red Menace Over Korea

The war of aggression waged by North Korea and its communist allies (1950-1953) severely tested the resolve of the free world and the viability of the United Nations as an enforcer of international law.  Fought in the aftermath of the most destructive war in human history, and under the shadow of nuclear weapons, the Korean War evolved into a lengthy and indecisive war of attrition that would ultimately end in stalemate.  Weary of war and complacent in victory over the Axis Powers, the United States and its allies were ill prepared to confront the massive onslaught from North Korea.

ONCE A PILOT… The Story of USAF Colonel Rex L. Poutré

May 3rd, 2018. Rex Poutré died today and America lost another of its valiant heroes. Colonel Rex L. Poutré fought his last battle and surrendered peacefully. As an Air Force pilot and career officer he had done more than his share to defend our country and to ensure its constant readiness. He fought in the skies over Germany—scoring 4 kills in air combat as a P-51 pilot—flew F-84 ground attack missions in Korea—and flew Forward Air Controller (FAC) missions in Vietnam. These and many other accomplishments highlighted his service throughout the war years and the Cold War.

Planning an Elegant Event That’s Fun for Adults and Kids

Planning an elegant event that adults and kids can both enjoy is a daunting task for even the most seasoned event planners. 
“Wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, and retirement parties can sometimes be dull for younger guests. Any parent knows that when kids get bored, they can sometimes become loud or mischievous. Keeping your younger guests entertained without detracting from the elegance of the event can be a difficult balancing act” said one event planner in Irvine. 


Tips for Planning an Event at a Museum

Some people are surprised to learn that Lyon Air Museum also doubles as a banquet hall in Orange County. 
After a recent wedding reception that we hosted in our event space, a guest commented “I had no idea this place was also an event venue! I had been here once before with my kids just to see the planes, but the way the museum lights up at night is absolutely breathtaking.”



What was it like to be a child during WW II? For children in Europe the war began in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland then Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declared war on Germany. In China, it began even earlier  when Japan invaded their country in 1937. The U.S. didn’t enter WWII until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, over 77 years ago. 

Veteran, Visitor, Volunteer

     April 12, 1951. At first, Dan Oldewage thought it was a dream. After a few more tugs at his blanket he slowly opened his eyes to see the dim shine of a flashlight. “Breakfast at 0430, briefing at 0500!” His drowsiness continued to linger as the warmth of his bunk gave way to the early-morning dampness of the enlisted barracks at United States Air Force (USAF) base Kadena in Okinawa. The hot breakfast in the mess hall helped a little, but at the same time the heavy, greasy fare made him want to get back into his bunk and go back to sleep.

The Mysterious Disappearance of “Eager El”

     April 17, 1945. With Hitler’s mighty Third Reich on the brink of collapse, Allied air forces attack relentlessly at the heart of Germany. The Germans, desperate to halt the advancing Red Army on the eastern front, muster together what resources they can to protect the few remaining operational Luftwaffe units they had left. As massive American bomber formations filled the sky in the area around Dresden, their P-51D Mustang fighter escorts dropped down to locate and attack targets of opportunity.

Tips for Retirement Party Planning

Most people would agree that retirement is one of the most monumental milestones that life has to offer. 
One retiree in Irvine smiled as he said “The day I retired was literally the best day of my life. Birthdays happen once a year, but you only retire once, and it feels even better than I thought it would”.
To help celebrate such a momentous occasion, we’ve put together a list of our tips for retirement parties based on the many retirement parties we've hosted at our event venue in Orange County.