Terrific Fundraising Event Ideas

One of our favorite types of events to hold at our banquet hall in Orange County is fundraisers! We absolutely love it when our unique event space can help to facilitate a worthy cause receiving the awareness and funds that it deserves.
If you are planning a charity event, some of our favorite event planners have been nice enough to share some of their creative ideas that are simple, profitable, and designed to help you hit your fundraising goal!
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Top Event Marketing Tools of 2019

As a leading banquet hall in Orange County, we have the pleasure of working with a lot of very skilled event planners and event marketers. These talented professionals have been kind enough to share with us a few of the online tools that they utilize in order to make sure that their event is properly marketed to maximize attendance.
If you’re looking to take your event planning game to the next level, check out some of these tools that our event marketers have recommended:

Choosing the Best Venue for a Corporate Conference

Choosing the right banquet hall for your corporate conference can truly make or break your event. 
The experience of each guest, catering options, and even the date of the event are all partially affected by the chosen event venue. We asked some of our favorite event planners to give us some of their guidelines for making this decision easier: 
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Optimize Your Event Budget with These Simple Tips

Creating an event budget involves more than merely scrutinizing the cost of advertising or the price of a banquet hall in Orange County. The plan must also include knowing where each dollar is being spent and why, as well as when each bill is due. Although organizing such an event may seem like a daunting endeavor, the tips outlined below will help you optimize your budget and increase your chances of success:
Establish a Realistic Break-Even Point

Five Activities for a Fun and Memorable Anniversary Party

Planning an anniversary party is a fun occasion, whether you are organizing your own event or a special day for someone else. After the event venue in Orange County is chosen and the mundane tasks are out of the way, it is time to think about some unique and interesting pastimes to keep the party from becoming dull. Below are five fun activities couples can engage in at their next anniversary party:
Play a New Version of an Old Favorite


Keeping the Memory Alive

Arnold F. Money was born in 1921 in Nagrom, Washington—a sleepy little town at the base of Mount Rainier. Two of his brothers were already serving in World War II when Arnold joined the Army Air Corps. As Arnold Money told his grandson, Jason, many years later: “Boys became men a lot earlier than they do now.”